GARDENS Magazine - September/October 2005

Feature Articles

Plant Status: Hero

Top 10 favorite-and most trusted-plants in the Sperry landscape

An Idea Takes Root

Deep in the heart of Texas' rose country, Master Gardeners create a garden full of inspiration and innovation

Build a Book

Pittosorum; cottonwood

Strange Shapes

The best weeping, contorted and odd-shaped trees and shrubs for Texas landscapes

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Reducing the workload, increasing the results

Ask Neil

Diagnosing leaf loss, transplanting crape myrtle sprouts, and more

Lone Stars


Autumn's gold

Japanese Anemone

Pink, rose or white blooms dance atop sturdy stems and handsome foliage

Rising Star: 'Henry Duelberg' Salvia

This plant has "Texas" written all over it: Bigger, brighter, better!

Gregg's Mistflower

A hazy mist of lavender-blue blooms seduces butterflies from spring to frost

Encore, Encore!

These show-stopping azaleas bloom spring, summer and fall

Designing Texas

Evergreen Vines for Sun and Shade

Solve an array of design dilemmas by planting vines

Repeat After Me

The single most important element of good landscape design is repetition

Texas Tips

Flowers Gone Wild

Be a part of Texas' yearly spring spectacle by sowing wildflower seeds now

Overseeding Overview

Annuals vs. perennial rye

Finishing Touch

Copper Craze

Whether in its pristine, shinny state, or its earthy, bluish-green form, copper complements any garden

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