GARDENS Magazine - September/October 2009

Feature Articles

Fall for Roses

The second season can be better than the first.

Choosing a Nursery

Finding professionals who know what thrives in your area.

Fall-blooming Plants

Color in autumn from time-tested favorites.

Easy-care fruits

Fruits for the home landscape and kitchen garden.

Dig Those Perennials

Fall is the time to trim, divide, and mulch them.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Neil's long-term love of St. Augustine....

Ask Neil

Rose hips, deciduous holly, clay soil challenges and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Pennisetum purpureum

'Princess' and 'Prince' - True royalty with glossy foliage and tight growth habit.

Wonderful Winter Savory

An attractive herb to combine with flowering plants.

Fava Beans

Delectable and easy to grow, they're a crop for cool weather.

Designing Texas

Hardscape 101

Getting started with features like patios, walls and walkways.

Texas Tips

Tall Fescue

A cool-season turfgrass for parts of Texas.

Finishing Touch

In The Swing

Glide into autumn in comfort and style.

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