GARDENS Magazine - September/October 2012

Feature Articles

Rain Gatherers

How to collect and conserve precious rainfall.

Mellow Meadows

How to plan and plant in fall for a show in spring.

Greens and Good!

Adventures in cool-season cropland.

Sweet Memories

Sugar cane tales and traditions from East Texas.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note:

My favorite time of the gardening year.

Ask Neil:

Fig ripening problems, roadside asters, unwanted mushrooms and more.

Lone Stars

The Colorful Cardoon

Fall is planting time for this stunning edible ornamental.

The Magnificent Muhlys

Drought-tolerant grasses headed for fall-garden stardom.

Designing Texas

Color Harmony

Smart color choices make flowerbeds sing.

Texas Tips

Fall Lawn Challenge

Be on the lookout for lurking brown patch.

Finishing Touch

Sensational Screens

Great ways to curtail or camouflage the view.

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