Question: I’ve been getting tons of questions about small twigs of cedar elms littering the ground for the past several weeks. Folks are rightfully concerned about their trees’ survival. Read Neil’s Answer

Answer: Obviously I’m not the only one getting calls about cedar elms dropping hundreds of 2- and 3-inch twigs to the lawn below. I even had a courtesy e-mail from my friend Russell Peters at Arborilogical Services in DFW (the only people I let touch my trees – Here’s what he wrote. (Thanks, Russ!)

Russell said they have been covered up with calls about cedar elms dropping small tips of branches. He says they’re seeing squirrels do this. (I had mentioned birds or squirrels in my Facebook posts.) He adds that you can fill up a trash bag of the twigs every day, and that it will go on for a short while longer. He ends by saying “It does not harm the tree at all.” In other words, no call to action. Great to have his confirmation.

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