As long as it stays hot and dry you’re probably safe that annual bluegrass, rescuegrass and ryegrass won’t start germinating.

But remember: You can only prevent these weeds. You cannot control them once they germinate and start growing. That will happen with the first wet cold front this month.

You’ll remember annual bluegrass (Poa annua) as being the little grassy weed “…with all the seedheads.”
Rescuegrass is a much coarser, clump-forming grassy weed with seedheads that resemble your hands folded in prayer. If you work them between your index finger and thumb, the heads will only move one direction.

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As I’ve said for the past three weeks, you only get one chance, and that chance typically runs out at Labor Day.

I gave you all the details last week. Rather than writing them again, here’s a link to that story. Click for all the details.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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