April 21, 2022: Answer 6

Dear Neil: We have a lot of shade from 40-foot oaks we planted ourselves many years ago. We have Asian jasmine groundcover beneath them in part of the area. We now need additional groundcover since there is almost no sunlight. We have used Roundup to control bermudagrass in the bed in the past. It did no harm to the jasmine or the trees. Are there other groundcovers that will also tolerate the weedkiller spray? G.H., College Station.

Photo: Mondograss makes a great full-shade groundcover, sharing this bed with Carissa hollies.

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Not that I’m willing to suggest. Stick with the jasmine in areas where you need a low groundcover. Better yet, use Roundup to kill weeds before you till the soil, then plant a really strong groundcover such as mondograss. Weeds will seldom invade it, plus it makes a really nice contrast with the jasmine.

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Posted by Neil Sperry
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