Question: What can you tell me about a product that claimed it would result in superior plant growth? It didn’t say anything about nutrients. It said only that it would “…stimulate microbes.”

Answer: This is a very important issue. There are garden writers and broadcasters that accept these junk products as advertisers, so stay alert and trust your intuition. Although most states do have laws regulating these quack soil additives, Texas has none. You need to be very careful or you may end up wasting lots of money. Organic matter improves soil. Fertilizers improve plant growth. Good cultural practices of proper planting site, good drainage, attention to watering and prudent pest control all will yield better plants. These bogus soil amendments, however, perform no miracles. Ask questions, and look for documentation from Land Grant universities such as Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Don’t put much weight in testimonial statements.

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