Question: I have a row of redtip photinias that are up to the eaves. Can I prune them back, or should I just move them?

Answer: Redtip photinias grow to 15 to 20 feet when they’re left unpruned. That means they should be kept no shorter than 8 or 10 feet. At those heights you’ll have to prune them 5 or 6 times each summer. It’s not a pretty picture. On the other hand, if you were to try digging those plants and moving them, you’d probably need chiropractic help before the day was over. If you really wanted big photinias somewhere else in your garden, you could probably get them more easily and quicker if you just started with new plants. (Although we no longer recommend redtip photinias due to the horrific effects of Entomosporium fungal leaf spot.)

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